Restaurants in C- Scheme, Jaipur

Restaurants in C- Scheme, Jaipur

Which Are The Best Restaurants in C- Scheme Jaipur? – Top Picks
Wherever you visit, one thing you need for sure is an excellent place to eat. If you are looking for some finest delicacies in C-Scheme Jaipur, you will find them right here. Jaipur, the beautiful city, has endless restaurants and eateries with the best interiors. You can find a variety of cuisines along with eye catching interiors and aura. Along with the interiors, you can find some good places serving the best Rajasthani food.  So, dive in and check out some of the best restaurants in C- Scheme, Jaipur.

List Of Top Restaurants in C- Scheme Jaipur

1. Mamu’s Infusion
One of the most relaxed eateries in the C- Scheme area, Mamu’s Infusion is a cozy restaurant with vibrant and colorful interiors. The cool interiors act as the best backgrounds for your pictures. T offers some best dishes like ravioli, mocktails that will mesmerize all the foodies.
Top Serves- Pasta Arrabiata, mocktails, ravioli
Cost For Two- INR 1400

2. Thali & More
Along with the beautiful interiors, Thali & More offers one of the best Rajasthani Thali. Some specialties include Raj Kachori, Mix Sause baked pasta. If you are craving some best Rajasthani food, this place is a must-visit.
Top Serves- Rajasthani thali, Raj Kachori, Rajasthani gutta curry
Cost For Two- INR 600

3. 360• Degree
Rooftop restaurants are always on the checklist of most people. If you want to dine in a beautiful rooftop restaurant in C- Scheme, Jaipur, 360 Degree the one. Night views from here are best!
Top Serves- Kiwi Mocktail, Hummus Pita, Falafel
Cost For Two- INR 1400

4. Kaleidoscope
With vibrant and rich colors, this place has the interiors to cheer anybody’s mood. The wooden roofs and chiffon curtains add a rich vibrance t this place. Kaleidoscope is one of the top restaurants in C- Section Jaipur, serving innovative mocktails and delicious food.
Top Serves- Pesto Chicken, Beetroot Tikki, Chur Chur Paratha
Cost For Two- INR 1000

5. D- Three
D- Three is a one-stop destination that satiates one’s desire for moth watering starters, desserts, and savory main course.
Top Serves- Pineapple Salad, Paneer Tikka, Shakes,
Cost For Two- INR 1200
6. Ten Twisters
With the live grill, Ten Twisters serve the unique delicacies in Jaipur. It is among the best restaurants in C- Scheme, Jaipur. Transport yourself here and experience the tasty cuisines with authentic interiors.
Top Serves- Barbeque, Buffets
Cost For Two- INR 1200

7. Brown Sugar
Among the youngsters, this café is a go-to destination to fulfill their cravings. The place has spacious seatings, surrounded by plants in every corner.
Top Serves- Cupcake Shake, Chocolate Fondue, Sizzlers
Cost For Two- INR 600

Jaipur, the pink city, is no less if we talk about beauty, culture, and cuisines. Along with historical sites, you can find some of the best places to eat. Above, we have listed some of the fantastic restaurants in C- Scheme, Jaipur, with beautiful interiors and mouth-watering cuisines. So, on your next trip to Jaipur, make sure to explore them.